When are credits spent ?

A credit corresponds to a shooting day. However, a credit is only spent on the creation of the first take of a day.
As an example, an editor can use the application to browse information on the takes by importing a project, and use the application without paying anything.

How much time is a "shooting day" ?

A shooting day in the app doesn't correspond to any time range in particular. Shooting days are logical entities used to breakdown statistics in the reports. However there is a limit to the time limit on how long you can add new takes to it (see below).

For how long can i use the same "shooting day" ?

You can use it in an unlimited fashion except for one exception : once the first take of the day has been created, you can only continue to create new takes for this day for a limited time (much longer than 48 hours). Once this time has expired, the day is "locked", and it becomes impossible to create new takes. All the other features remain available, and so you can modify your comments for as long as you want. This limit is only designed to prevent abuses.
If you need it, you can always unlock a day by spending a credit.

Why did you choose a pay-per-use model ?

In many countries, script supervisors have daily fees that the production is paying for (pens, papers, etc.). We chose to keep this model instead of having the script supervisor or the production pay a large amount for the application at the beginning of the shooting, no matter how long it's going to be.
Note that in addition to making script supervisors save a lot of time every day, Scripte Evolution and the iPad are replacing a lot of equipments that they usually use, such as stopwatch, photo camera, and paper report templates.

Price is too high !

We evaluated that the price for a day is on average what script supervisors are already spending in daily supplies for their tasks (and the app provides a lot of time saving features !). Also note that we provide discounts if you purchase credits by packs of 5 or 10.

I want to get my credit purchases reimbursed by the production. How do i get a receipt ?

Credits are purchased on the App Store via the same "In App Purchase" mechanism that every other apps are using. Apple will send you a receipt via email to your iTunes connect account in the few weeks after your purchase. Please look at Apple's terms and conditions for additional info on the paiement process.