Scripte Evolution for iPad
The perfect Script Supervisor tool for all your shootings

« This application is a true revolution for script supervisors ! I used it on a feature film, and i could see how intuitive, well thought, and perfectly adapted to the needs of my job on the set it is. I can't do without it anymore ! »

Julie Darfeuil
Script Supervisor on « Anna » by Jacques Toulemonde
Noodles productions

« We use Scripte Evolution and the iPad on our practical exercises at school and it's a huge success. Our students learned to use it very quickly and could use it on their end-of-year shootings projects. »

Julie Ghesquière
Script Supervisor, Teacher at the IAD, Belgium

Fill all the movie elements (scenes, actors, cameras, storage,...) and the shooting events (days, shots, takes) directly on your iPad

Time every detail of the take

Generate all the production, editing, picture, and daily log reports in an unlimited fashion


  • Very powerful photo module (take your pictures and tag them with any movie element)
  • Special reports designed for series, with per season and per episode breakdowns
  • Export / Import your project via mail, airdrop , dropbox , ...
  • Get all your reports directly on your computer via iTunes
  • And many other fonctionalities that will help you in your daily tasks and let you focus on what's really important.